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It is normal if there is loss of water in your swimming pool if you constantly find yourself filling your swimming pool with more than two or three inches of water almost every day, there may be a possibility that your swimming pool is suffering from an undetected leak.

This can cause a variety of issues besides water loss, such as an increase in your water bill every month and even some equipment failure.

For normal individuals its quite difficult to determine if a leak is really the situation with their swimming pool, and there is nothing wrong with that

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Professional Leak Detection Services

It can become a difficult task if you opt to not utilize the leak detection services of a licensed pool professional.

Using the leak detection services of a licensed professional is quite important, as professionals we will help you determine the state of your swimming pool.

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Common Places to Find Leaks in Your Swimming Pool

One of the most common leaks can be found at the equipment pad. There can be a leak on your pipe valves, heater, pump, and filter. Remember, sometimes leaks start at a slow pace, but sooner than later, they will become a bigger issue and by bigger we mean costly, so don’t procrastinate.

A licensed leak detection services can identify if the wet areas that are around the pool are being caused by a leak. We can help you determine if you are suffering from eroding or sunken and wet soil, which can be the culprit of your leak.

If you have a swimming pool that has a vinyl liner, it definitely can be quite difficult to look for separations or tears, as they are tricky to see. They can be at the corners, steps, lights, cleaner line, returns, skimmers, and fittings.

Professional Equipment used in Our Leak Detection Services

Television-like cameras can also be used to identify if there is a leak in one’s swimming pool. They are snaked through plumbing pipes for leak detection.

Another leak detection method that might be used is that of air being injected into pipes and then being listened to electronically to determine with a super-sensitive microphone if there are sounds of air escaping.

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