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Looking for Fort Lauderdale Pool Service companies? You’ve come to the right place. There are pools all over the place, meaning there are plenty of reasons for new people to open up a pool service and make claims about being the best.

Being the best doesn’t mean doing the work the fastest, undercharging or overcharging the customers, or even treating those customers wrong when all they want is a clean and safe pool to swim in.

This is what makes our Fort Lauderdale pool service stand apart from any other business.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Service by Master Touch Pools

Our great neighbors here in Fort Lauderdale can count with  pool maintenance, pool remodel, pool resurfacing, pool cleaning, pool coping and pavers installation, leak detection, pool fence installation, and lots more!

Latitude: 26.122910 | Longitude:  -80.139332

Phone: (561) 674-6909 

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Fort Lauderdale Pool Service Available to You

We offer several services that have made us stand apart with our knowledge and experience to get the job done the right way, at a fair price for everyone. They include:

Pool Repair Service – If your pool has cracks, missing tiles or is in need of repair to make it functional again, we can handle the job.

We will take care of all the repairs and make sure it is completely safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Leak detection service – is something many pool specialists will claim they know a lot about.

Unfortunately unless you are well trained, and constantly on the lookout for them, you could miss a leak in your pool and that can have disastrous results.

We have professional staff that are well trained to be on the lookout for leaks, and take care of them when they are found.

Acid Wash – is a skill that takes practice and training to be done correctly. If done wrong it can actually damage your pool.

This service is done by emptying the pool and coating the plaster with a thin layer of acid that removes the dirty plaster and leaves a shiny coat of new plaster underneath.

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