Why Eyes Burn in the Pool? Is it Chlorine or Urine?

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

A lot of people that own a swimming pool have probably noticed that after a brief swim their eyes start to turn red.

This is a super sensitive subject for many pool owners. They’ve thrown pool parties for kids or adults. Guest constantly complained about getting red eye, after a dip in the pool.

Well, the first thought is that their pool maintenance crew did not do an adequate job. They visit sites online searching for pool tips and information.

Perhaps, the chlorine used by the crew caused the problem. Perhaps, there are owner’s that find that this is constantly an issue.

They wonder why eyes go red in the pool. is it caused by chlorine or urine? How does this relate to good pool maintained and pool tips in general.

The Chlorine or Urine Dilemma

Consumers read about pool maintenance and pool tips that suggest that proper chlorine content is key to keeping the pool clean. Therefore, the The average pool owner probably thinks that it is the chlorine in the pool that is responsible for turning their eyes red.

Not so fast. Think again. Studies show that the real reason that a person’s eyes turn red after a swim in the pool is something that is just down right disgusting. The redness is caused by urine in the red eye childpool. Most people moan at the thought of urine in their nice clean pool. After all they are aware of “pool tips on pool maintenance” that suggest that pool cleanliness is of paramount importance.

The thought of urine in the pool is disgusting and ridiculous. Well, the fact is that “pool maintenance or not following pool tips” has nothing to do with urine in the pool. It could happen to anyone.

Now, here is a pool maintenance idea and pool tips shared by the CDC. The Center for Disease Control released startling news that is aimed at parents that let their kids swim in pools.

The itchy red eyes are due to the urine content in the pool that mixes with the chlorine content. They combine to form a very caustic and dangerous compound. The problem is that the chlorine is going to work killing nasty bacteria which is the urine and sweat produced by people.

It is inevitable that people are going to get irritated eyes and have problems breathing. Don’t blame it on pool maintenance or the pool guy. This is one of the pool tips that they would like to share with parents concerned about red eyes.

The Real Problem

Public swimming pools are the worst offenders. It is not due to ignoring pool maintenance or general pool tips.

They commonly do follow pool maintenance and general pool tips. However, a rise in public pools is due to swimmers actually releasing urine and defecating in the pool.

This is a major problem that is not connected with pool maintenance or ignoring pool tips.

The Cure

The idea expressed is that pool maintenance and following pool tips is not the issue. What is the real cure for red eye or other irritants in the pool if ignoring pool maintenance and pool tips is not the issue.

Well, it begins with taking a shower before and after swimming. Don’t pee or defecate in the pool.

Don’t drink pool water. Kids and adults should go on frequent bathroom breaks.

Change baby diapers away from poolside.

These are just a few basic pool maintenance and pool tips to keep the pool bacteria free and reduce red eye problems.

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