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Living in South Florida is a dream come true for many people. The sunshine and beaches available in Broward and Palm Beach counties are unparalleled in the world, and are there for the enjoyment of many visitors and residents.

But aside from the palm trees, white sand and cosmopolitan nature of the South Florida area, its residents also enjoy bringing the outdoors into the comfort of their own backyard, by creating a restful oasis comprised of a pool and luscious landscaping in which to relax.

With Master Touch Pool Service, keeping up the idyllic nature of your pool and backyard becomes seamless and easy. Neighbors here in Broward County can enjoy the “peace of mind” pool service that is crucial in our region!

Pool maintenance does not have to be a burdensome activity, or even one that homeowners in Broward County need to worry about. By reaching out to Master Touch Pool Service and entrusting us with your pool care you can be sure that your water is always crystal clear and your pool mechanisms are in working order at all times.

Master Touch Pool Service Broward County Florida

At Master Touch Pool Service we are committed to implementing a thorough pool service plan that meets your needs!

We provide several pool services in the Broward County, Florida area include pool cleaning, pool resurfacing and repair, pool equipment repair, and pool fence installation

Latitude: 26.135861 | Longitude: -80.129852
On this page you will find the cities that represent our pool service in Broward County, if you don’t see your location here but would like our services fell free to contact us, it will be an pleasure to assist you.

Call us for free consultation: (561) 674-6909

Pool Service Broward County Explained

Our Pool Service Broward County Florida includes:

Pool Cleaning:  The single most important part of maintaining your pool is keeping it cleaned.
A clean pool is much more inviting to dive into and it protects the pool from damaging mildew.
A professional pool cleaner can also inspect your investment and recommend any necessary repairs or updates.

Pool Resurfacing or Repair: Has the glazing on the concrete of your pool started to break down?  Has the land shifted and caused a crack?

Master Touch can fix them all for you.  They’ll bring your pool back to life and repair any problems so you can love your pool again.  Plus, a repair now can prevent a costly replacement later.

Equipment Repair: Speaking of repairs, have you noticed that your pump seems a bit loud?  Is there a noticeable vibration in the tile as you walk by the heater of your pool?

It might be time to have an expert come out and evaluate the equipment that supports your pool.
Let the experts at Master Touch come to your home and perform the necessary maintenance so you can get back to enjoying your pool and stop worrying about those strange thumps in the night.

Pool Fence: A pool fence is important to keep out any unwanted visitors and to provide you a bit of privacy.

It can be dangerous if small children wander into your yard and get into your pool when they don’t know how to swim.
Pool fences can also help keep wildlife out of your yard, protecting you and your family in Broward County, Florida.

View our complete list of pool services here.

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Contact Master Touch Pool Service in Broward County, FL

Whatever the job, we can tackle it.  We take the worry out of weekly pool maintenance and repair and put the enjoyment back into your yard.

Call today (561) 674-6909 or contact us online – Our friendly technicians will be on their way quickly to serve you in Broward County, Florida.

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