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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

What settle for less? Master Touch Pool Services is the best swimming pool service company in the Boca Raton area.

With our professional pool service you can have peace of mind and a beautiful swimming pool.

Before we do any repair work, we will give you an insurance certificate so you can have peace of mind before we start anything.

When you have a pool company that does that, your job will be done right. You won’t worry because we are licensed and insured pool company.

Professional Pool Service vs. Do your Self kits

Why spend your own valuable time checking the filters, purified systems, pool pump, chemicals and other important items in your swimming pool?

It’s easy to maintain a beautiful swimming pool, when you contact a professional pool service company.

Does your pool look cloudy, green and unfit to use? It doesn’t have to stay that way.

Many people have been using our professional pool service in the Boca Raton area for a decade. We’ve Hundreds of pools we have serviced in the Boca Raton area!

If you want to have a sparkling swimming pool today contact our office:

Boca Raton Office

22479 Sea Bass Drive

Boca RatonFlorida 33428

United States (US)

Phone: 561-674-6909
URL: Master Touch Pools

Our Professional Pool Service Covers Residencial & Commercial Pools

Some of our weekly service includes: vacuuming the bottom of the pool; inspecting for motoron the pump; checking for leaks in pipes and pumps;brushing the pool tiles, so calcium will not form from mold; brushing the bottom of your pool and the walls, so there will be no mold; inspecting your drain covers; cleaning your filter cartridge, if needed; analyzing the pressure in your filter gauges; checking your pump time-clock; making sure the heater is working properly, as requested by clients; balancing the chemicals in your pool, if needed; and analyzing the water to determine the chemical levels in your swimming pool.

Our Professional Pool Service have Satisfied Hundreds of Clients

Professional Pool Service Committed to your Satisfaction

We are committed to leave your swimming pool crystal clear and we are not 100% satisfied until the customer is 100% satisfied.

We discuss the needs our clients have to make sure we don’t miss anything. The insurance we cover protects our clients and the service provider. Our schedule is flexible.

You won’t be sorry, if you call for a free water analysis at (561) 674-6909

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