Summer Time also Means Swimming Time!

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

Summertime is a wonderful time of year. The sunny warmness, the freedom, the time spent with your kids.

Having a swimming pool is so exciting its something that is inviting to the whole family. As an adult, you get a pool so that your kids can have fun and do it safely at home where you can oversee them.

The children see only the fun, yet you are the responsible parent, and you see the responsibility piece as well.

As part of having a swimming pool comes pool maintenance which can be a learning adventure. Knowing how limited is our time these days we offer our neighbors here in South Florida peace of mind pool service just call our office 561-674-6909 now.

Our saying is clear:  Why not find a reliable pool cleaning service to assist you with this and let yourself enjoy more time with the whole family?

Our Reliable Pool Services Includes

  1. Skim swimming pool surface
  2. Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  3. We Take time to Brush pool tiles to prevent mold to build up calcium.
  4. We also Brush pool walls and the bottom of your swimming pool to prevent micro-organism to build up mold on it.
  5. Clean skimmer baskets on each visit.
  6. We do a throughly inspection on main drain covers.
  7. Clean the line and the suction head on auto-cleaners.
  8. Clean the pump basket
  9. We also Check pumps and pipes for possible leaks
  10. Inspect pump motor.
  11. We Clean filter cartridge (as needed)
  12. Inspect filter gauges to analyze the pressure.
  13. Frequently Water Analyzes to verify chemical levels of your pool.
  14. Balance Chemicals as needed
  15. Check pump time-clock
  16. Check heater functionality as requested by our clients.

Our pool service team will come to your home, and bring all the necessary supplies. You have no need to be storing those swimming pool chemicals.

Here is what your neighbors have to say about our Pool Service

We have dozens of videos in our YouTube channel.

We Love Serve You with Reliable Pool Service this Summer

You can rest assured that your pool will stay a cool, clean oasis without a bit of work on your part. Just call our office now at (561) 674-6909 or fill the contact form here.

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This its a great way to make caring for your pool as simple as possible. Try now!

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