Beat the Cold!

Using your pool year-round is possible
with Master Touch Pools!

The Perfect Temperature

Swimming at night, splashing with kids, entertaining guests, attracting renters and those sensitive to water temperature – these are all great reasons to maintain a comfortable water temperature and let your family and friends enjoy swimming even if it’s not an appropriate temperature outside.

Even in South Florida where we don’t have an extremely cold winter, pools need to be heated because the temperatures drop enough to swim in an unheated pool and all we want is to fully enjoy the water year-round.


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Reliability you can Trust

We are committed to quality. We have used our experience in the industry to provide you with products that represent today’s leading heat pump technology. With our state-of-the-art Research and Development facility, and our full-staff Engineering department, we can assure you that our products will perform as designed – Guaranteed! We will continue to provide you with the best-performing, highest-quality products for many years to come.

So, what is the best way to heat your pool? At Master Touch Pools we offer gas and electric heaters that do the job, and each has benefits. Let’s talk more about what type of heater will work best for your swimming pool.

HEAT PUMPS (Electric)


A heat pump is generally considered the most efficient heating solution on the market, and it also can reduce your utility bill by a third or more. They are insanely energy efficient and affordable to operate compared to most other options.

They apply the same type of heating technology as your home’s central heating pumps to deliver pool water at a temperature you like any time of year!


Reasons why a Heat Pump Pool Heater is right for you:

  • Yield better Energy Savings
  • Designed to maintain consistent water temperature
  • Uses electricity to move heat from one place to another
  • Better for the environment
  • Generally, require less maintenance than combustion systems
    Safer (No gas or carbon monoxide output)
  • One of the longest-lasting pool heating solution on the market

To learn more about these different kinds of heaters and which option is best for your swimming pool lifestyle, contact us today and our friendly staff will help answer all of your questions.

Pool Heater

AquaCal® offers a variety of heat pump models to meet the diverse needs of the swimming pool industry. View the available models below to see which model is right for your application.

AquaCal® has been the leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturer since 1981, offering a full range of units to meet any heating need. AquaCal® can maintain anything from small above ground pools up to very large commercial facilities. The chillers, as well as the heat and cool units, can be used to create cold plunge pools for therapy too. Whatever your pool heating/cooling needs, AquaCal® can help!

If you’re looking to enjoy a warm, refreshing swim without breaking the bank, pool heat pumps are your go to heating option.






A Gas Pool heater is a great benefit for those who are looking to swim all year round or only want to heat their pool occasionally. It makes them ideal for weekend use, when guests arrive, or with second houses or vacation homes. Generally, they raise water temperature quicker than any other type, so they can heat pools in cold weather in a short amount of time.

They can also run in any weather, even windy conditions. Gas heaters can run on either natural gas or propane. This makes them flexible because you can choose either type, depending on what works for your home and your area.

Reasons why a Gas Pool Heater is right for you:

  • It’s the most popular method of heating pools
    Energy saver
  • Come in many shapes and sizes
  • Do not need much space
  • Easy to install
  • Typically heat water faster than other types of heaters
  • New energy-efficient brands utilize closed combustion chambers to reduce pollution and exhaust

If you have any questions about the best pool heating solution for you, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Master touch Pools

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