Warning! Few Reasons to Inspect your Pool Drain Today

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva
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In a recent near-drowning tragedy involving a swimming pool main drain, the five-year-old son of Grammy winning singer Usher fell into the swimming pool behind their Atlanta home and became stuck in the powerful suction of the drain.

The boy was eventually pulled from the pool by two subcontractors that were working in the home and given CPR by one of the men.

The boy spent nearly a week in the hospital, and we are thankful to say that he was released on Sunday and is in good condition.

The Importance of Replacing Your Swimming Pool Main Drain

Near tragedies like these often serve as reminders for pool safety, and we are sending out this important pool safety correspondence reminding our commercial clients about the new law that requires swimming pool main drains be replaced to remain federally compliant.

In order to help prevent unnecessary future tragedies, we are strongly recommending that our residential customers follow suit; owning a pool has fantastic benefits, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility.

In 2007, 7 year old Virginia Graeme Baker, drowned while sitting on a hot tub drain. This started the Pool and Spa Safety Act, calling for public pools to replace their flat drain covers with large, round covers. (If you need your drain to be inspected, call 561-674-6909)

It also required backup systems on single-drain pools designed to activate a vacuum release if a person becomes stuck in the drain.

However, many residential pools and hot tubs need to be inspected and updated wherever necessary.

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Pool Main Drain or Drain Cover Inspections

Avoid unnecessary tragedy and stay in compliance, have your drain inspected as soon as possible.

Master Touch Pool Service have special rates to keep your swimming pool safe!

Cost of Main Drain Replacement: $125.00

Cost of additional Drain Replacement: $50.00

Swimming Pool Drain Inspections: $ 75.00

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