Pool Chlorine Washing Can Solve the Problem!

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

If your swimming pool has suffered a massive algae bloom, you may be wondering what your options are for cleaning your pool.

Pool chlorine washing service is your safest bet, though you may have heard about chlorine shocking or acid washing to correct an algae bloom.

While chlorine shocking can effectively kill algae, if you are unable to see the bottom of your pool then you really need pool washing services. An acid wash is to harsh just for algae, as it removes a layer of plaster and is only needed once every 3-5 years with a well-maintained pool.

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Pool Chlorine Washing

When to hire a Professional Chlorine Washing Service?

For those unexpected algae blooms, you really need professional pool chlorine washing services.

Professional Chlorine Washing Services – Results You Can Count On

As part of our pool washing services, your pool will be professionally drained and then several gallons of undiluted liquid chlorine will be poured onto your pool walls and bottom.

Next, one of our technicians will scrub the interior of your pool, effectively killing all algae and other contaminants.

It is important to note that while chlorine washing services will thoroughly kill all bacteria, it isn’t effective in removing stains. For that, you would need our acid washing service.

Pool Chlorine washing progress

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