Pet Friendly Pool Cleaner Do you have One?

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva
Pool Company Pet Friendly

If you are a home owner that has a pool you may be looking for a good qualified pool service company to clean and maintain your swimming pool for you. Most people who have a pool may also have pets, particularly dogs or cats, and there are a couple of things you should know.

Even if your dogs are friendly, and don’t have a problem with people coming over to your yard to work on your swimming pool, not all pool companies are pet friendly.

When you are looking for a pool company Palm Beach, it is important that you question them if their service is pet friendly. This way you know right away if you have to place your pets in a cage while their techs are at your home, or if they are okay with your pets hanging around wanting their attentions as well as your pool.

As long as the pool technician is friendly enough to maintain your pool even if your pets are around them you should be just fine to hire such service provider.

Pet Friendly Pool Supplies

Also some other important questions you should ask your pool company is if the cleaning supplies and pool chemicals are pet friendly as well.

There are a lot of enzyme based cleaners that won’t harm you dogs, and won’t harm you or your family either. It could be a good idea if the pool company carries biodegradable pool supplies; which may also be good for your plants.

It might cost a little extra for Eco friendly products, but with the safety of your family, including the four-legged members, what is a few dollars extra? With the growing concerns for our environment, even pool services are doing their part to help save our planet.

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