Negative Effects to a Pool & System if Not Cleaned

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

If you have had a pool for any number of years, you understand just how time consuming the maintenance can be. While pool maintenance may be time consuming, foregoing proper pool maintenance can lead to disastrous consequences. We have outlined some of the effects of improperly maintaining your pool.

Dirty Pool Filter

The main pool filter is one of the most important components of any pool. If this filter is not cleaned properly, algae can build up as well as the water flow can become restricted which can lead to improper filtration and even a damaged pool motor.

Not Shocking the Pool After Large Number of Swimmers

Many people do not realize the importance of shocking a swimming pool with chemicals after a large number of swimmers use the pool. Without shocking the pool after a party, you could create an algae bloom. If you have a chlorine pool, it is important to shock the pool after a party or a large number of swimmers use your pool as well as run the filter for several hours to prevent any algae growth.

Not Emptying Pool Baskets

By not properly emptying pool baskets, you can reduce the water flow through the pool filter which can create similar problems to when your pool filter is dirty. Check your baskets at least once per week or hire a pool maintenance company to perform this maintenance for you.

Water Level Being Too Low

It is important to keep an eye on your pool level at all times. In the hot Florida sun, evaporation can cause your pool level to drop quickly. If your pool level drops below the skimmer level, this can lead to air being filtered by your pool pump instead of water. This can ultimately cause significant issues with your pool pump.

Contact Master Touch Services for All of Your Pool Maintenance Needs

If the list above has you concerned, contact the professionals at Master Touch Pool Service to come out and give your pool a once over, see what kind of pool maintenance you may need. Hopefully the damage is minimal if you have neglected the maintenance of your pool. No matter what state your pool is currently in, there is no doubt that we can have your pool sparkling in time for summer.

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