How to Maintenance your Swimming Pool on Florida Winter

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

If someone who lives in Florida would tell you that they have to do winter pool maintenance, you would wonder why.

After all, Florida is a warm southern state, not part of the Snowbelt, so it could be used year round. Yes, this is true but Florida can get some cold days during the winter.

It is best that a pool is winterized before one of these cold days hit. Winter pool maintenance is simple but does take time.

Pool Maintenance on Florida Winter – Steps that you need to follow

• Balance the chemicals in the pool at least a week before you close down your pool. The calcium hardness should be around two hundred PPM.

The alkaline levels should be between eighty and one hundred twenty PPM.

• You need to lower the water three to five inches beneath the lowest level of plumbing in your pool. It can differ with each pool.

You also need to drain all the water out of your pipes. Do not forget to clear all the water from the heater, chlorinator, pump, and all filters. If you leave any water it will freeze if there is a cold day, resulting in damage to the pool

• Clean all of the debris from your pool, including leaves, bugs, etc before covering up the pool. If you leave debris like leaves in the pool, it can stain the liner, and create algae.

Debris could possible cause more problems when you remove the cover next swimming season.

Pool Maintenance Florida

• Even if you are closing your pool, you should run the pump for at least six hours during the day. This is to circulate the water and help skim debris out of your pool.

If the temperature gets near or below freezing, you should run the pump throughout the night and day. The risk of plumbing damage increases if the pump is not ran.

• Take out all of the pool accessories, as the pool cover will not fit right if anything is still attached. This includes diving boards, handrails, and ladders.

Do not leave any toys in the pool. Store them in your garage to protect them from any damage cold weather could cause.

• Put the cover on and make sure that it is snug. Make sure there are no gaps or hole that would allow any debris to get into the pool.

Keeping the pool open during the winter months you will not have to drain the pipes or lower the water. This is because it very seldom gets below freezing in Florida.

Doing winter pool maintenance will make it easier to open the pool next season.

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