Benefits of Salt Water System for Your Pool

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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

Salt water pools are a joy to own. Unlike those outdated chlorine filled pools of yesterday, saltwater pools won’t turn your hair green and won’t have your skin smelling like bleach.

But just like any body of water that people swim in, saltwater pools have to be properly maintained.

For Professional Results Seek for a Professional Pool Company

Salt System TestHiring the right company to keep your salt water pool up to standard and ready to swim in is very important.

Some pool cleaning company does more for their customers and goes beyond their call of duty. Our company takes pool cleaning seriously.

If you are a Broward or Palm Beach County resident Master Touch Pool Services Inc. offers a wide range of pool services and are pros at Salt Water Pool Maintenance.

Salt System with Peace of Mind Maintenance

When our company comes to clean your pool, you can rest assure that we will do a top notch job.

Not only do we do the normal stuff that comes with a pool cleaning like skimming the surface, vacuuming the bottom of the pool and cleaning out the but lots more will be done. (visit our basic cleaning checklist)

Salt Water Pool Maintenance takes a special knowledge and our Master Touch technicians has the education to insure your pool operates smoothly all of the time.

That’s why when we send a pool technician to your location; they go out of their way to double check everything!

Few Reasons to Choose Master Touch Salt System Maintenance

First, we insure your salt water pool is sparkling clean.

One thing we do that most companies don’t is brush the pool tiles and scrub them. This will keep any mold from building up that can cause your pool bottom to become slick.

Them we move on to the filtration system where we thoroughly inspect the filter and the gauges to make sure they are operating at peak capacity.

Then we move on to the pumping system.

One by one we check each pipe and the pump itself for any leaks. This will insure proper pump function and may prevent any future break downs that may be costly.

We don’t stop until your complete salt water system is fully inspected and cleaned in a professional manner.

Salt System Client Reviews

Best Salt System & Best Pool Care

We treat your pool like it is our own. Our customers will agree that we are one of the most comprehensive pool cleaning service along with the very best salt system available.Salt System Aqua Rite

We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible every time.

Not only do we service home owners but we have lots of experience cleaning large public pools too.

We directly deal with many of the home owners associations in the area and are contracted to upkeep their community pools. If you have a large pool that needs cleaning we can easily accompany you.

Do you just need a one-time pool clean up?

We also do non-contract clean ups and repairs. This service is great for the homeowner that needs to get their pool ready for the summer.

No matter what kind your pools are, we can handle it. So, why not give us a call and let us get your pool sparking clean and ready for swimming season.

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