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  • Posted by: Nilson Silva

When you want to enjoy your pool year round there may be a few months beginning in Fall or Winter when you will need to heat your pool.

With so many pool heaters on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

We’ve compiled a list of three tips to help you start thinking about how to choose the best pool heater.

Tips on How to Choose your Pool Heater

Tip #1: If you hate swimming in a cold pool, then heating your pool with a pool heater is the way to go.

There are generally three types of pool heaters: pumps, gas, and solar pool heaters.

If you live in New England or Seattle, you certainly would go with the gas or pump option and not the solar. But if you live in the Sunshine state, for example, the solar option is probably the best pool heater for you.

Here are the different types of heaters we install for South Florida residents.

Solar Heating System by HaywardPump Heater from AquaCal

Gas Heater by Jandy

Solar Heating System by Hayward

Pump Heater from AquaCal

Gas Heater by Jandy

We use all of the above companies products!

If you are looking to have a heater install please contact us at (561) 674-6909 or send us an online request here.

Tip #2: Think about your budget. Typically, solar power heaters are a larger investment than the other options.

However, they are green and can save you money over time since they do not use electricity to heat your pool.

If you have a smaller budget to work with, however, a pump or gas option would be the best pool heater option for you.

Tip #3: How often do you think you will use your pool heater?

If you plan on using your heater for more than four to six months out of the year and live in a sunny place the solar option is a good choice.

If you plan on only using the heater a couple of months out of the year, the gas or electric option are the better choices.

Pool Heater Client Review

To learn more about these different kinds of heaters and which option is best for your swimming pool lifestyle, call us today at 561-674-6909 and our friendly staff will help answer all of your questions.

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