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About Master Touch Pool Service

Master Touch Pool Service has been serving local neighbors in Broward and Palm Beach County Florida with superior pool construction, pool service, pool repair, pool remodeling, and pool resurfacing since 2009. We are Licensed, Insured, Certified, and Highly Referred by dozens of homeowners.

Having a Licensed and Insured swimming pool maintenance company in your backyard is absolutely a must!

At Master Touch Pool Service we provide clients with an insurance certificate prior to any swimming pool repair project, pool resurfacing project, or pool maintenance that alone has given our clients that peace of mind and trust needed to complete such a task.

With all of the different options when it comes to pool maintenance services in Florida, you may be asking why you should choose Master Touch Pool Service?

Why Choose Master Touch Pool Services to Build or Service Your Pool?

Pool Construction
  • Our commitment to each and every client: Your Pool Crystal Clear once we leave.
  •  We care about our pool maintenance services, and we’re not satisfied until you are 100% Satisfied.
  • We always discuss our clients needs and make sure we  won’t miss any of it!
  • We carry insurance that protects both the service provider and our clients.
  • Flexible schedule, just contact our office if you need to change for any reason.
  • We have excellent references in South Florida.
  • Each pool is treated with special care. We have notes and a special checklist for all of our accounts.
  • Your entire pool will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained, each and every time.

Why Choose Us

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Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

State of the Art Technology

At Master Touch, we strive to always stay organized which has allowed us to grow significantly since 2009. We attribute this growth to our impeccable attention to detail, but also to our adoption of the latest in technology.

Whether it is the latest pool maintenance equipment or our robust computer software that allows us to track all of our customer’s pool maintenance records, we are always striving to use the latest technology to our advantage.

Swimming pool maintenance service is a year round job. Even on winter you want to make sure that you are maintaining the swimming pool PH levels so you don’t have to start over every time pool season rolls around. Sometimes you might have a spa that is included with the pool.

A spa is different because the temperature levels differ so maintaining a hot tub is very important to keep the life of the spa in tact and Master Touch Pools can do just that for you.

We invite you to schedule a pool service professional to come out and test PH levels We offer Free Water Analysis.

Swimming pool service is very important and We would love to serve as your swimming pool company.

Contact us today by calling (561) 674-6909 or get a free quote just by placing your information on the form bellow this post.
We would love to meet you and hand our reference list on this free consultation visit!

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